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DATA Outsourcing

EDICOMData Outsourcing Service The success of a data synchronization system is based on the quality of the information shared between the trading partners. To this end, we provide an integral service to outsource the uploading and maintenance of your product data.

Integral product data outsourcing

 Product files 100% complete

 EDICOM offers clients the outsourcing service for recording and validation of all product data prior to publication in EDICOMData. This service ensures the standardization and quality of the information contained in your data pool.



Outsourcing product data registration.

The publisher can outsource all the tasks related with the uploading and publication of their electronic product catalogue.

The services provided from our Quality Data Center, where our specialists process the data following the quality standard unified and regulated by GS1 in GDSN projects, or in line with the private Data Pool project specifications.


The Data Registration Outsourcing service includes stringent quality control on the product data provided in the first place by the publisher.

The service sets out automatic validation mechanisms for the data that is loaded into each product file. The system takes into account the fields considered key by the main distributors as well as the GS1 Data Quality Framework.


EDICOMData Outsourcing Data Service

Added Value

Full, updated and quality information, bringing added value to the distributors' e-commerce strategies.


Quality data

Complete: Product files with the key data defined by customer and distributor.

Standard: Product data unified according to GS1 specifications to furnish the market with valid product files for any trading partner.

Precise: The data validation process allows us to supply the market with consistent, error-free product information (weights and measures, units, etc.).

Updated: Product files data have a set currency in time and must be constantly updated.

Quality Data Center

Quality Data Center

Innovative technology hub where our expert data quality management team carries out tasks such as:

  • Data insertion
  • Data validation
  • Photo capture