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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GDS network?
The Global Data Synchronization Network is a B2B communication system based on standards that enable secure and ongoing data synchronization between parties engaging in business relations. This allows the trading partners to have consistent and updated information at the same time on the articles in their product information repositories.

What is a Data Pool or Electronic Data Catalogue?
Data Pools or Electronic Data Catalogues are repositories or large databases that record the structured information on the products and services of suppliers and enable mechanisms so that the distributors can subscribe to the information on key products for their business.

Companies wishing to use the GDSN network to synchronize their product information systems must do so through one of these Data Pools. They can do so either as issuers to publish information, or to set up subscriptions as receivers of these data.

Private and direct synchronization options such as EDICOMData are available, which enable trading partners to link up with each other directly, with no need to go through the GDSN network filter, exclusively sharing the critical data for their business.

Who runs the GDSN network?
The Global Data Synchronization Network is an initiative rolled out by GS1 (Global Standard One), a worldwide organization whose mission is to promote the use of standards that encourage and simplify B2B relationships worldwide.
Only those data pools assessed and certified by GS1 can connect with the GDSN network.

Certified Data Pools List.

Can I synchronize my data with a partner without going through the GDSN network?
EDICOMData is a data synchronization platform that sets up a direct private connection between commercial partners, where the publishers and subscribers synchronize only the key data they need to share.
This connection can be set up outside the GDSN network, with no need to manage extensive product files so that they are valid and extendable to all the network users.

How can I make my product information visible on a data synchronization platform?

Product information in a private network like EDICOM’s or the GDSN worldwide network is made visible by connecting to a certified Data Pool or Electronic Catalogue such as EDICOMData. Once you are connected to the Data Pool, all you need to do is publish your product there so it can be seen by your trading partners.

How can I subscribe to the information on products and services?
Through EDICOMData, subscriber users can access the product information they want to synchronize through different segmentation functions. These options allow you to specify which businesses or users may have access to your information, setting out criteria such as countries, sectors or even specific companies.

Are there are options for automating the process?
EDICOMData allows publisher and subscriber users to upload the product data directly from their ERP, by creating a personalized data transformation map that adapts to the format and structure used by the client in their internal item master.

What is the Global Trusted Source of Data?
Global Trusted Source of Data (TSD) is a B2C (Business to Consumer) network developed by GS1 to provide businesses with information on products, structured specifically for consumption by end customers.

How does the Global Trusted Source of Data work?
This model operates the same way as GDSN: Using product data repositories known as “Aggregators”, to which the distributors connect to supply the information to their clients.

Can I add multimedia objects to my product data pool?
Product images are key elements in the promotion and dissemination of the product by suppliers and retailers. EDICOMData lets you upload images and other multimedia objects (videos, audio clips…etc), associated with the product data. This way, subscriber users can access both data with key information on the products and multimedia objects associated with them.

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