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GS1 Source: Business to Consumer Network

TSD This initiative extends coverage of the GDSN network, traditionally focused on the exchange of B2B information, allowing the publication of specific information aimed at the end consumer of the products.

TSD - How does it work

In the system developed by GS1, the data are delivered directly to the subscriber (distributor) by synchronization between the data repositories (aggregators) that share the information. The key point is the type of data published by the supplier, which must be information of interest to the end consumer (instructions for use, nutritional information, allergy warnings...etc.).


  • INTEROPERABILITY: EDICOMData is an integral solution that is able to operate with the Trusted Source of Data, interlinking with the other Aggregators in the GS1 Source network. 
  • DATA CUSTOMIZATION: In the GS1 model, data are delivered directly to the subscriber, who has to process them graphically to make them accessible to the consumer. EDICOMData is able to deliver the information published in line with the company's look and feel as a web page that can be accessed directly from the distributor's online store. 
  • AUTOMATION: The publisher user (supplier) uploads the product information to their aggregator; EDICOMData takes these data and automatically processes them in line with previous instructions from the client.


EDICOM Aggregator Interoperable Data Pools via the GS1 Source, such as EDICOMData, are known as Aggregators.

Certified Data Pool

Certified Data Pool

EDICOMData is a GDSN Data Pool approved by GS1.