e-Invoicing in Argentina

e-Invoicing in Argentina

AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues) is the tax agency responsible for management and control of the electronic billing system in force in Argentina.

The e-invoicing schema defined by the AFIP is based on the declaration of an XML file with a series of mandatory tax data and implementation of electronic signature mechanisms to ensure document integrity and authenticity.

The process of declaring electronic documents to the tax authorities is a critical and necessary step in the Argentinian electronic billing model, during which users must first obtain the pertinent CAE or Electronic Authorization Codes.

E-invoicing in Argentina applies a mandatory model for certain groups of businesses. AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues), through different general resolutions, has rolled out a calendar for a gradual incorporation to the electronic billing system, which began on 1 April 2007. Today, General Resolution 3571/2013 determines which groups of companies are required to carry out mandatory electronic invoicing.

e-Invoicing Argentina


EDICOM’s e-invoicing platform integrates specific solutions and services that enable any business to come into line with the provisions laid down in the different general resolutions that periodically regulate the issuing, management and safekeeping processes for electronic invoices in Argentina.

► Creation and electronic signature:

The platform automates data capture from the client ERP and its transformation into the XML standard regulated by the AFIP.

The system includes specific electronic signature services to ensure document integrity and authenticity.

► Getting the CAE (Electronic Authorization Codes):

Without CAE, the bill is not valid for tax purposes. Additionally, this code must accompany the goods on the delivery note or dispatch advice, so it is necessary to apply for it before dispatching the products.

Different communication systems can be used to declare the invoice and obtain the CAE from the AFIP: web service, RECE application or via the tax code operated "Online Invoices" service (Comprobantes en línea).

► Invoice distribution:

Our solution guarantees delivery of 100% of your invoices electronically, adapting the delivery system on the basis of the recipient’s features.

  • Recipients with an invoice reception solution: EDICOMNet.
  • Recipients with no invoice reception solution: Business@Mail

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Global e-Invoicing edicom video


  • Increased efficiency in administrative processes.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Less time sending and collecting on invoices.
  • Increased security for your commercial transactions.
  • Automation of the processes of reception and integration of invoices.



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