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On September 14, 2010, new rules that specify the use of electronic invoices were published by the Mexican Government. All companies with over 4,000,000 Pesos (around $330,000) of annual income must send and store all of their invoices worth over 2,000 Pesos electronically, in officially approved “Digital Invoicing via Internet” format (CFDI, Comprobante Fiscal Digital a través de Internet).

Mexican e-invoicing


Issuing electronic invoices in Mexico requires the generation of a specially formatted file (CFDI) whose construction and issuance is subject to a series of steps and obligations that all businesses must observe:

Accountability & Digital Certificates

  • The invoice must be registered in a system that automatically notes the exact time that it is generated.
  • Senders of digital invoices will need to possess a digital certificate, approved by the Mexican Tax Authority, which they will use to generate their electronic invoices.

Certification of the CFDI

  • An e-invoicing services provider approved by the Mexican Government, such as EDICOM, verifies that the electronic file complies with all established regulations, and adds its own unique certificate number to the invoice.
  • The authorized services provider reports the invoice to the Mexican Government within 72 hours of its creation.

Sending the CFDI to its destination

 The certified invoice can now be sent electronically through channels such EDICOM Network (EDICOMNet)

Edicom CFDI Website


Do you want to know more about CFDI? Visit cfdi.edicomgroup.com, the EDICOM website to keep updated about the mexican electronic invoicing system.

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