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There are several electronic invoicing standards, governed by aspects such as the legal regime currently in force in each country or the activity sector of the trading partners. Edifact, X12, XML, etc., are languages with their own particular features to enable construction of the messages that will make up legally valid electronic invoices. 

generating einvoices

EDICOM’s invoice-generating solutions enable systems that automate their creation processes on the basis of the data in the ERP, transforming them into the standard required by the receiver. At the same time, they include automatic procedures for the electronic signing of these documents, ensuring secure electronic documents suitable to start up online billing processes.

Similarly, manual solutions can be employed, providing data entry forms which can subsequently be automated on the basis of the records, signature and transformation of the data to the standards required at their destination. This model is useful in cases where only a few electronic invoices have to be issued, and it can be rolled out immediately simply with an internet connection to let users access their framework in the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

To generate legal electronic invoices, Edicom implements two essential tools to suit the needs of any client or sector:

ERP Integration

Ediwin XML/EDI Server is the software developed by EDICOM for integration with your ERP to automate the electronic invoice generation process. The application is ready to store your documents for the legally set periods and implements reception processes for other documents such as orders, which, like invoices, are integrated automatically into your management system.


Ediwin Viewer lets you make up electronic invoices using data entry screens accessed via a simple web browser.

This solution provides a private working environment for users to manage the whole process of generating invoices adapted to their customers’ requirements in compliance with the legislation and technical specifications in each source and target country of the documents.


  • Increased efficiency in administrative processes.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Less time sending and collecting on invoices.
  • Increased security for your commercial transactions.
  • Automation of the processes of reception and integration of invoices.



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