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Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Economic and fast solution implementation: EDIWIN VIEWER is an economical and fast commissioning, the investment required no software or hardware to install, or changes in their internal computer systems.

Constantly updated: Since our manual entry solution is offered in Service mode, you do not need to worry about keeping the platform updated. EDICOM guarantees constant updating and adaptation of the application over time, which will ensure its validity regardless of legal changes, technology, operational requirements

Available anywhere, anytime: You just need an internet connection to view your orders, send invoices or shipping notices. Type a simple web address in your browser in order to securely access your work environment, at any time of day, anywhere in the world.

Customer support: By phone, mail, or chat. Hiring a VIEWER solution provides access to EDICOM’s support services, comprising more than 100 professionals who can attend to your concerns and issues.

Secure storage of legal invoices:Invoices sent or received through EDIWIN VIEWER, are stored securely during the legally required period. This will ensure that you will not have to worry about printing and physical storage, while allowing recovery and immediate consultation at any time.

Full control over your electronic transactions: Messages sent from EDIWIN VIEWER record are fully traceable, allowing you to know their state in the document transmission chain.

Agility and speed in constructing messages: The system for automatic generation of documents reduces the time of their creation by using data present in the initial message (PO to Invoice or Shipment Notice etc). This feature significantly reduces the possibility of introducing erroneous data.

Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Ediwin viewer

 High-performance quick start-up EDI Web system for creation, sending and reception of structured XML/EDI documents.