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Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

The building of each message is done with simple Web forms that allow the composition to be rapid and completely intuitive. Thus, documents such as invoices are entered directly by the user, while our platform ensures that it arrives correctly at your destination.

EDIWIN VIEWER is both a flexible and effective tool for receiving messages. In this case, orders and other documents are routed through our communications network, bringing them safely to the user, who can view and manage through his own Web environment.

The application automates the process of document creation through automatic generation systems with other messages. For instance, Purchase Orders can be quickly turned around into invoices, using the information contained within.

Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool
Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Ediwin viewer

 High-performance quick start-up EDI Web system for creation, sending and reception of structured XML/EDI documents.