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SAF-PT for invoices and e-accounting in Portugal

In 2008, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGCI) launched an electronic declaration project for bills, freight documents and accounting movements in SAF-T format. However, the real expansion began in 2013 with a legislative change for companies to migrate to the SAFT-PT electronic system. From that moment on, Portuguese companies had to progressively adapt their ERP systems and set up automatic communication channels with the DGCI.

The data structure was defined in Order n. º 302/2016, of December 2, that defined the information required in each of the mandatory files.

These are the three documents that should be electronically sent to the Portuguese tax authority:

SAFT-PT Accounting

E-accounting with SAFT-PT

As of July 1, 2018, systems should be capable of recording the information necessary to generate the accounting file in which businesses can declare all accounting transactions electronically to the tax authority in SAFT-PT format.

This declaration may be monthly or annually. The new SAF-T accounting file must include the following control fields.


Article list  Client list   Suppliers list   VAT regimes   Accounting transactions Accounts balance
SAFT-PT eInvoicing

Electronic invoice in Portugal

E-Invoicing, which in this case also includes electronic VAT returns, came into force as mandatory in April 2014.

The e-VAT return in SAF-PT format must be submitted by the 25th of each month.

The authorities require invoices and delivery notes to be generated sequentially, which must also go through an encrypting process implementing an electronic signature, data related to the previous invoice and file generation process control systems.

SAFT-PT Transport document

Electronic transport documents in Portugal

Taxpayers subject to VAT are required to inform the Portuguese Tax and Port Authorities (AT) of transport documents prior to movement of goods.

For this process, the EDICOM solution automates the sending of data to the tax authority in real-time using the Web service. The tax authority then issues an authorization code.

The solution automatically receives the code and includes it in the transport document. This code allows the movement of goods.


Authorized Software

EDICOM SAFT-PT is a certified invoice issue solution.




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