EDICOM VAT Platform                                                                         Global electronic compliance from a single platform

Electronic VAT Compliance

What are the advantages?

EDICOM VAT Compliance  
Businesses no longer need to multiply their tax compliance resources; they can centralize all these tasks in a single solution and country.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  
With management systems, completing as many transformations and adaptations required by your documents. Everything takes place transparently for the user, and without the need for any changes in your IT infrastructure.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  
Cost savings:
Automation and centralization increases businesses’ efficiency. It is now possible to take full advantage of the benefits of digitalization, including the enormous cost savings that can be made.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  
Compliance guarantee:
EDICOM VAT Platform is a platform prepared to operate in more than 60 countries throughout the world. Its use is a guarantee for businesses, ensuring they avoid any possible fines due to tax non-compliance or incorrect declarations.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  
Security and availability:
The EDICOM system has been certified by various bodies including ISO 27001, ISO20000, ISAE 3402 or TIER II DESIGN. The EDICOM commitment with all its clients through these certifications is none other than offering maximum security guarantees and ensuring compliance with the SLA with the company, that is to offer a minimum availability of the solution of 99.9%.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  
Constant updates:
Through the International Observatory of Tax Compliance (e-Invoicing & VAT), EDICOM is involved in active knowledge management to ensure its solution is permanently updated to adapt to regulatory changes that take place periodically in various countries.



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