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Electronic VAT Compliance

EDICOM VAT Platform | How it works

The EDICOM cloud solution is constantly being updated in relation to new regulations and legislation. It is a multi standard and multi protocol solution, capable of adapting to the principal ERP systems on the market.

EDICOM VAT Compliance Solution

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Data collection:
The invoice data collection solution (sent and received) gathers information directly from the client’s ERP or accounting system, in an agreed format that adapts to each internal management system.

EDICOM VAT Compliance  

Data transformation:
The mapping module transforms data to the format defined by each tax authority.

EDICOM VAT Compliance   Validation:
The syntactic validation process certifies that the file has been built in accordance with the node structure agreement defined by the tax authority, thus preventing subsequent rejections.
EDICOM VAT Compliance  

Automatic delivery to the electronic tax headquarters of each country, via direct and secure connectivity using the Web Service protocol.

EDICOM VAT Compliance   Integration:
In those cases where the tax authorities send back a message with the results of the validation system; these notifications may be integrated with the company’s internal system to provide easy and agile handling of documents.
EDICOM VAT Compliance   Electronic receipt:
EDICOM comes with an added value service that automates the process of filing, recovery and electronic handling of any commercial or tax -related documents that a business is required to archive for a legally stipulated time. In addition, the solution also files the authorities’ responses along with each document for subsequent consultation and recovery, ensuring the integrity and inalterability of documents from the time they are filed.


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