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El EDI, imparable en el sector de la automoción


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is now widespread in most industries. However, if there is one sector that stands out for its expertise in this field, it is undoubtedly the automotive industry. The rollout of working systems such as Just In Time calls for rapid integration of all supply chain-linked companies, from large first-tier suppliers to small businesses located in emerging countries and with less experience in implementing this technology. In a context such as this, EDI is unrivalled.

Odette, the leading European automotive industry association, carries out research into making communications increasingly effective. We must bear in mind that in this field real-time transmission of information is vital for proper distribution chain provisioning. To this end, two work groups were created in which EDICOM is also an active participant.

One of them is OFTP2, which provides recommendations for manufacturers (OEM) and first-tier suppliers (TIER1) to promote the use of standards. In the case of OFTP2, it is one of the most widespread communications protocols in the automotive industry which, among other functions, allows users to add security layers and correct the defects of the previous version. This new version is used both for EDI messages and to exchange CAD and other large volume files.

Studies are currently underway into new functionalities that the industry demands from this protocol for the future. In addition, Odette is seeking to expand the encryption systems it supports. With this in mind, compatibility trials are being held in the international scope between the different group members taking part.

Another area that Odette works in is e-invoicing. The aim in this case is to compile the different technical and legal requirements stipulated for the system in each country region. We cannot forget that the automotive industry is one of those with the greatest global presence. Suppliers sell their products in different regions and this means having to adapt to each of the national legislations in force. To make this task easier, Edicom provides the required information on the different geographical areas.


EDICOM specializes in developing specific automotive sector solutions, which integrate the processes of first-tier manufacturers and suppliers with their customers. Moreover, these are B2B environments operating 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, ensuring the electronic sending and reception of business documents. For these reasons, big hitter sector companies like Feu Vert, Algontec or Continental, now rely on EDICOM solutions.

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