Transparency and efficiency for full integration

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Transparency and efficiency for full integration

The automotive sector is one of the industries with most experience in the field of electronic data interchange. The rise of working systems such as JIT (Just in Time) calls for systems enabling rapid integration of all companies involved in the supply chain, from the largest and most experienced top level suppliers to a growing number of companies located in emerging countries with quite different technological capabilities.

In this context, different ways of working have developed between manufacturers and first and second level suppliers, with a common denominator in the need to exchange electronic information permanently on key issues such as stock inventory levels in the various warehouses, receipt of goods notices, or engineering specifications using CAD/CAM.

EDICOM has extensive experience as a technology partner to some of the major automotive companies. Our solutions and services ensure clear communication and seamless connectivity with any sector partner. Independently of particular data structure features or specific communication protocols such as OFTP and OFTP2.

How do EDICOM solutions help me?

To integrate my process with those of my clients, whether they are manufacturers or first level suppliers.

  • By systems able to translate multiformat data structures into my ERP's own language.
  • With tools that can make generating and integrating multiformat data structures automatic in line with each customer’s needs.
  • Sharing real-time information to adjust the supply chain based on knowledge of stock inventory, goods received notifications, etc.
Solutions & Services:

To guarantee delivery and receipt of all my electronic business documents as EDIFACT, X12 and VDA messages or CAD/CAM files.

  • By communication tools automatically generating my orders in EDI format from the Internal Management System data.
  • Enabling quick start-up order reception frameworks at low or zero cost to my suppliers.



 To have B2B frameworks up and running 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

  • Outsourcing my B2B communications platform to a consolidated supplier able to process large batches of transactions worldwide.
  • Delegating the management of my solution for electronic data exchange to a specialist team to administer and optimize running of my technological platform.
  • Having a team of telecommunications and IT experts in charge of permanent follow-up of my B2B solutions 24 hours a day.

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