Profitability and efficacy as a principle

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Optimize your value chain

Business relations with any manufacturer or vendor are affected by conditioning factors such as growing heterogeneity among clients, the supply of products or ongoing adaptation to the particular features of each market.

In this scenario, affected by a global market demanding constant interaction with partners worldwide and a rapid and efficient response to the customer, it is crucial to roll out management models which make the working tasks involved in producing, delivering and selling the product easier.

Edicom B2B solutions constitute a guarantee, integrating management processes between suppliers and customers, recording and processing all your business operations automatically, giving rise to better planning and rationalization of resources to boost the volume of all your business transactions.

How do EDICOM solutions help me?

 To work with any retailer from a single communications platform

  • Through tools able to process messages in any standard (XML, EDIFACT, X12…)
  • Routing my business document traffic via any communications protocol
  • Developing a complete translation flow with any retailer: Order, despatch advice, receipt acknowledgement, invoice…

 To automate integration of my orders in the ERP or management system

  • With solutions allowing reception of electronic documents securely in a B2B framework
  • Through systems able to interpret and translate standard data structures to my management system’s own language.

To improve my resources planning, cutting down stocks of finished products and raw materials.

  • Permanently interchanging information with my customers to analyse the demand forecast on the basis of realistic demand forecasting systems.
  • Automating the process of creating orders and purchase orders on the basis of current and anticipated demand.
Solutions & Services:

To issue my electronic invoices regardless of the country of origin or destination.

  • Creating electronic invoices according to the requirements of each country.
  • Signing my documents electronically, in compliance with each nation’s specifications.
  • Automating the declaration processes for each invoice before the corresponding tax authorities…
Solutions & Services:

 Profitability and efficacy as a principle


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