Leaders in EDI for Retail


Leaders in EDI for Retail

The retail sector shows by far the greatest deployment of information technologies for exchanging business data and documents electronically, nowadays including multiple business transactions such as orders, despatch advices or electronic invoices between customers, suppliers, logistics operators and other partners involved in the supply chain.

Breadth and depth of the range of items, diversity in vendor and customer profiles or adoption of automated inventory management models are some of the key factors making the distribution sector the greatest exponent of technological EDI solutions. EDICOM is one of the major providers of this kind of technical solutions in Europe and a main supplier for some of the world's largest retailers.

How do EDICOM solutions help me?

To connect with any provider or manufacturer from a single communications platform

  • With solutions able to process electronic messages in any standard (XML EDIFACT, X12…).
  • With systems to manage sending and reception of documents in any communication protocol.
  • Developing a B2B platform able to keep up a smooth business message flow with any supplier: Orders, delivery notes, despatch advices, invoices…

Integration and automation of all messages with the ERP or Internal Management System.

  • Through EDI solutions enabling data translation for sending in the management system’s proprietary language.
  • By developing a B2B platform that performs the data integration process with your ERP automatically, safely and efficiently.

To issue all my orders in EDI format, even to smaller manufacturers with no reception technology.

  • Making a web portal available to suppliers where they can consult and download their orders.
  • Implementing simple processes for sender and receiver that help achieve effective real-time follow-up of orders placed.
  • Developing a B2B communications platform integrating complementary solutions to automate 100% of my orders.

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