Global visibility for your services


Global visibility for your services

The rise of internet and new technologies emerging around the World Wide Web has brought about a revolution, universalizing access to the services provided through channels ranging from conventional travel agents to portals or web services and making this huge supply available to any customer.

This framework requires systems to extend the offer quickly and in real time to the maximum number of potential customers, including travel agencies, hotels, car rental companies, airlines, GDS services, etc.

EDICOM, through communications, data integration and electronic invoicing solutions, enables the most powerful and robust technology platform in the market, extending the range of different tour operators to any location and in real time.

How do EDICOM solutions help me?

As a provider of tourist products and services, to extend my supply to the different electronic publication channels: GDS, web portals, etc.

  • Automating data extraction from my internal management system to register my supply automatically at any time.
  • Having tools able to transform these data into standards agreed with the publisher to allow their proper interpretation and registration.
  • Through systems that let me integrate availability requests and confirmation of reservations, bookings, purchases, etc., from these publication services in my ERP or PMS.


Solutions & Services:

 To integrate invoices from my suppliers in my management system.

  • Ensuring reception of electronic invoices in legal electronic form.
  • Checking current validity of electronic signature on invoices received.
  • Unifying reception criteria for traced voices with other documents such as orders, despatch advices…
  • Keeping a legal and retrievable archive for all my electronic billing.

To issue all my invoices electronically, even sending them this way to the end users of my products and services.

  • By electronic billing solutions automating their creation, signature and sending to those customers who require them in line with the communication standards and protocols agreed.
  • Providing my clients with a web portal where they can check and download their invoices safely and legally.
  • Using simple sender and receiver processes for efficient real-time follow-up of invoices issued.

 Your range of services accessible to all your clients in real-time and anywhere in the world


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