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EDICOM SAFT-PT: Certified Einvoice Solution

edicom saft Legal framework: Decree 363/2010 of 23 June
Electronic billing and accounting systems of businesses operating in Portugal must be certified and audited by the DGCI (Directorate General for Taxation).
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Digital Signature Mandatory Data Sequential Process
Data encryption is performed by means of electronic signature. The authorities require the signature to be delegated to the company providing the billing software for greater transparency in the process. Invoices are generated from an XML file designated SAFT-PT (Standard Audit File for Tax purposes) that must include mandatory checking data (List of Articles, Clients, Suppliers, Taxes...etc). The authorities stipulate that the files must be generated sequentially and include the electronic signature of the previous invoice as a means of monitoring the creation process.
einvoicing saft process   1.DATA GATHERING:
EDICOM’s ASP solution takes the invoice data automatically from the client’s ERP.
The mapping module transforms the data into the XML standard demanded by the DGCI.
The digital signature is applied in line with the requisites set forth by the DGCI.
Secure storage for the 12-year period required by the Portuguese authorities.
Automatic remittance of documents to our trading partners and the Portuguese authorities.
Online access to the document repository is enabled for the controlling authorities.



Legal Framework

Direct Connectivity

Web services connectivity module for secure automatic data transmission with Portuguese tax authorities.

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EDICOM SAFT-PT is a certified invoice issuing solution.



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