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EDICOM AS2 SERVER is the solution for interchanging business documents securely via internet, using the HTTPS protocol for transmission in different formats such as XML/ Binary, EDI and other MIME-codifiable data used for Business to Business exchanges.

Communications through this technology allow safe and seamless interchanges through the use of powerful data encryption techniques and digital certificates.

AS2 Server access via EDICOMNet VAN

Partners with an EDICOMNet mailbox will have access to the AS2 server infrastructure, installed in the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

This AS2 SERVER is accessed directly through EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform Internet connection services and saves the user having to worry about maintenance, administration and configurations tasks that would need to be carried out if this technology was available in their local network.

Edicom AS2 Server

  • Providing almost instant data transfer from source to destination, minimizing error points in transmissions.
  • Greater reliability and speed, increasing supply chain efficiency.
  • Designed to send and receive data securely via Internet, applying encryption techniques to ensure that only the intended receiver can read the message information.
  • Implementing electronic signature processes, it also lets you check the source authentication.
  • Lets you detect if the document has undergone any alterations during transmission.
  • Generating signed receipt acknowledgements, ensuring message reception.