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OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) was originally designed for the interchange of data between partners in the European automobile sector.

Today, it is still the most widely used communication protocol in the industry, and most European car manufacturers use it for transactions with all their suppliers.

The latest version of the protocol is identified as OFTP2 and provides a greater number of security functionalities for the safe data interchange on IP networks.

Edicom OFTP Server features

  • The OFTP message sending and reception service through the EOS service (EDICOM OFTP server) allows message exchanges by OFTP versions 1 and 2.
  • Access to EOS can be in service mode, through the EDICOMnet VAN interconnection service.

Edicom OFTP Server

  • Total availability: Using internet as communication channel ensures total service availability in any part of the world.
  • EDI & CAD interchanges: EOS (Edicom OFTP Server) enables the exchange of structured EDI transactions and technical documents (CAD/CAM/CAE) quickly and securely.
  • Saving: Faster transfer times and internet use allow drastic cost reductions compared with OFTP1 and other protocols.
  • Reliability: Edicom OFTP Server is able to re-establish interactive data transmission processes. Transmissions can take place in push and pull mode.
  • Security: Edicom OFTP Server adds the security features needed for intensive data interchange via internet. To this end, it uses data encryption by asymmetric cryptography.