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Public Administration HUB

Setting up connections with the Public Administrations poses a challenge to their suppliers and creditors, since they have to adapt their communications to as many protocols as there are administrations that need to be interconnected (generally by means of Web Services).

With EDICOM solutions, senders no longer have to worry about the particular features of these connections, since we implement a specific “open door” service to all public administrations, whether local, regional, state or even European.

Our Public Administrations hub removes the complexity of point-to-point connections between each administration and its business partners. Senders only have to indicate the receiving administration and our hub makes sure the messages reach them with the syntax and structure required and via the connection protocols specified by each destination.

Public Administration

  • Edicom interacts with each administration, opening up communication channels from the platform.
  • This translates as setting up as many protocols as there are administrations to connect with (usually Web Services).
  • Connection to the service assigns the client a unique mailbox in our communication network.
  • Edicom loads the client’s EDIWIN application with the administrations they have to interact with, simplifying the sending of any message.