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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDICOMNet?

EDICOMNet works as an integral communication solution through specific tools and services to make connection with any business partner easier.

These tools make up the EDICOM Value Added Network, connecting services with Public Administrations (public bodies, local and regional authorities, customs, etc.) or point-to-point connection systems through protocols such as OFTP or AS2.

Do I need to install any software to access EDICOMNet?

To work with EDICOMNet all you need is to take out a mailbox in the EDICOM Value Added Network. This connection will open the door to communication with your customers, suppliers, logistic operators, etc, without having to worry about setting up complex communications protocols specifically designed for transactions between businesses.

Which partners can I connect with through EDICOMNet?

Among the thousands of companies connected to our VAN are some of the most emblematic in their sectors, such as retail, consumer goods manufacture, HoReCa, automotive industry, healthcare, logistics and transport…

In addition, EDICOM maintains interoperability agreements with the most important value-added networks worldwide. All this, along with our point-to-point connectivity services (AS2, OFTP, etc.), makes EDICOMNet an infrastructure that can open the door to almost any trading partner you want to exchange business documents with.

Do I have to pay for each message sent or received through EDICOMNet?

Taking out a mailbox in EDICOMNet entails payment of a monthly flat-rate fee. All the traffic exchanged between your business partners through our NETWORK is included in your monthly fee and no cost per message is involved.

How do I get my messages to my EDICOMNet mailbox?

EDICOMNet is a multiprotocol network, so your messages may be transferred the way you find most convenient (WebServices, FTP, FTPS, AS2, AS400, etc.).

Key Benefits

  • Over 400,000,000 transactions exchanged annually via EDICOMNet
  • More than 14000 businesses connected to the EDICOMNet Value Added Network
  • Direct link to the world's major retailers and (Harrods, Wal-Mart, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo, Mercadona...).
  • Multiprotocol Network: Web Services, https, OFTP, AS2.
  • Flat Rate: Our clients can exchange unlimited messages between EDICOMNet business partners
  • Private network with higher-level security