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The automation of EDI communications provided by integrated solutions does not absolve the users in the issuing and receiving companies from occasionally having to administer their EDI software during the permanent updating processes, which involve for example the incorporation of new partners with which to interchange EDI transactions.

So, periodically you need to access these tools to monitor for alerts, troubleshoot errors that may appear in document delivery and reception processes, or manage the authorization and maintenance of your EDI partners, setting up new messages, communications protocols and similar tasks.

The EDI Outsourcing solution frees the client from having to manage their B2B2G communications platform, delegating administration and monitoring tasks to dedicated technicians who ensure the permanent updating of the solution and day-to-day management of the tasks involved.


Users with medium to high volumes of EDI documents both in sending and reception, who do not have resources dedicated to EDI solutions management or have opted to outsource these tasks in order to optimize their processes without incurring additional costs in doing so.

  • The company contracting an EDI Outsourcing service will manage its business documents from its own management system, using its habitual procedures.
  • The ERP is integrated with EDI solution through the appropriate communication and data transfer systems in place.
  • A dedicated EDICOM user continuously monitors the EDI, correcting any incidents that may occur at any given time or communicating with clients when resolving the incidents detected calls for their participation.
  • The EDICOM user also assumes the tasks of updating the details of EDI partners loaded in the solution and creating new EDI recipient profiles as required by the client company.
  • To this end, it will undertake the setting up of location numbers, communication protocols, digital signature systems and as many other aspects as necessary to keep the solution permanently updated and fully operational.


Key Benefits

  • No paper involved
  • Enhanced information processing
  • Cutting down processing and storage costs
  • Fewer errors
  • Automation of operations
  • Quicker response times
  • Integration of procedures between all trading partners



EDICOM will participate at FORUM 2019 organized by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

This event, that will take place in Brussels on March 12, will focus on the challenges of standardization posed by electronic invoicing and data synchronization