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Quality PHOTO

EDICOMData Quality Photo EDICOM provides an integral data registration service that includes taking high quality photographs of the products.
The images can be used by the information publishers or subscriber users in their respective e-commerce and marketing activities.

GS1 Product Image Specification


Quality Photo Service provides clients with a full set of 9 very high quality professional images, available for downloading in different sizes and formats.

All the images comply with the “Product Image Specification” standard developed by GS1.


Product reception
The manufacturer sends the product to be registered to our Quality Data Center, along with the basic information needed.
The photographs are captured in our own laboratory, according to the GS1 Product Image Specification. Six “planogram” schematics and 3 “marketing” photos of the product are taken.
Data Registry
Our Data Management specialists check that the images are captured correctly and link the multimedia files generated with other key product data.
Data Checking
Data Quality Center staff will be in contact with the client to complete 100% of the key product data to deal with any incidents.
Validation and Publication
The product file is created. A final validation check is carried out and the file is published in EDICOMData, where it remains at the disposal of distributors and other information subscribers.


Why Quality Photo?

  • Quality: High-quality photographs taken with specific product image capture technology.
  • Standardization: The photos are taken following the GS1 “Product Image Specification”, guaranteeing maximum utility for practically all distributors or information subscribers.
  • Integral: Lets you provide distributors with full product files, complete with data and images.
  • Optimization: A global service that lets you outsource all management of your data catalogue to a single provider.