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Global e-Invoicing

EDICOM Platform Architecture

The EDICOM Global e-Invoicing Platform articulates a set of solutions that interact with each other, forming the most comprehensive international e-invoicing platform to be found on the market.

integration einvoicing module

Integration Module
This module is responsible for setting up connections with your internal management system to integrate invoice sending and reception. This functionality ensures unassisted operation of your e-invoicing solution, which transforms the data structures into the standards required, implementing the established digital signature systems or managing the online tax return processes set forth under current legislation.


einvoicing validation module Validation Module
Invoices issued and received are analysed and syntactically validated to ensure they comply with all the technical specifications required for each invoice model. This module also performs a semantic validation to ensure that the information each document contains follows the guidelines defined in each case to align with the requirements of each business partner.
einvoicing legal module

Legal Compliance Module
This is one of the key elements of the EDICOM e-invoicing platform. This module integrates the technical and legal specifications set out in each digital invoicing system in the different countries for which the solution has been configured to send and receive data.

This module communicates with the platform ‘integrator’, indicating at all times the actions to be taken on the data of each invoice, in full compliance with the current legislation of each state.

einvoicing communications module

Communications Module
Having reached this point, the e-invoice is ready to be forwarded to its destination.

Here, the Communications module identifies the recipient of the e-document and forwards it to its destination automatically, routing it through the communications protocol agreed with the recipient and reporting the control ACKs that keep the issuer informed at all times of their message status. It is important to note that the platform develops B2B2G linking mechanisms to provide connectivity with private partners, Administrations or Public Services.

einvoicing management module

Management Module
This module sets up an environment accessible via web, from where it is possible to administer and monitor the entire platform.

The EDICOM e-invoicing platform lets you define different management interfaces in line with the specific needs of users and system administrators. This way, it is possible to implement different management modules for each issuing country in line with the user features in terms of language and specific functionalities adapted to the particularities of their own e-billing process.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

Global e-Invoicing edicom video

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency of administrative processes
  • Cutting costs
  • No human error
  • Shorter delivery and bill collection times
  • Enhanced security in business transactions
  • Automatic invoice reception and integration processes
  • Takes paper out of the daily admin management loop
  • Handy, secure and legal invoice storage



The Spanish Tax agency extends the validations performed on the VAT books declared via SII

As of October 1, 2019, the AEAT will implement the validation requirements for VAT books declared through the SII (Immediate Supply of Information).