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Business@Mail: B2C e-Invoicing platform

Business@Mail is the B2C platform developed by EDICOM that lets you extend your e-invoicing project to 100% of your customers.


Your EDI solution sends Business@Mail the details of invoices addressed to customers who do not have a solution for integrating electronic data.

Business@Mail constructs readable PDF-format documents from the data received, including e-signature and all the specifications set out in the appropriate legislation on e-invoicing issues.

Clients receive notifications via email when they have new bills. These notifications include links providing access to a secure web environment where the bills are published.

Clients can download the invoice for processing by their accounts payable department. The solution periodically sends the invoice issuer reports on the status of their documents. Some of the alerts considered are:

  • Published invoices that have not been checked
  • Clients that have reached the maximum number of notifications without having consulted an invoice
  • Invoices checked by clients


  • e-Invoicing platform optimization: Lets you extend your e-invoicing project to 100% of your clients.
  • Legitimate invoice issuance: Supports multiple e-signature protocols, integrating the fiscal control systems in force in each country.
  • Immediacy and security: Invoice sending is immediate and much more secure than by e-mail, fax or postal services.
  • Total control: Issuers will know exactly when an invoice is issued, which documents are not consulted by their clients, the number of times a notification is received by a client until they consult the document, or the invoices which have actually been processed by the recipient.


  • Improved management: The benefits of paperless electronic management are extended to your customers.
  • Electronic archive: Invoices are stored electronically with access fully guaranteed and availability throughout the legally set period.
  • Legal, fast, secure: Business@Mail satisfies all conditions of legality and security according to the specifications of each region or country.
  • Free of charge: The solution is free to clients.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

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Key Benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency of administrative processes
  • Cutting costs
  • No human error
  • Shorter delivery and bill collection times
  • Enhanced security in business transactions
  • Automatic invoice reception and integration processes
  • Takes paper out of the daily admin management loop
  • Handy, secure and legal invoice storage



The Spanish Tax agency extends the validations performed on the VAT books declared via SII

As of October 1, 2019, the AEAT will implement the validation requirements for VAT books declared through the SII (Immediate Supply of Information).