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Compliant outbound e-Invoices Solution

e-Invoicing is a key transaction in business relations, as it documents the exchange of goods and services between the customer and the supplier.

Moreover, it involves fiscal powers, as it is used by tax administrations to levy the taxes on each commercial operation.

This dual functionality justifies the development of specific laws on billing in general and e-invoicing in particular. These laws are adapted to each country’s social reality and often focus on setting out mechanisms to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the e-document through systems such as digital signature.

In other cases, additional mechanisms are set up to control the taxes levied on each e-invoice. To this end, fiscal control processes are applied in the form of electronic codes which must be included in the invoices to make them fully valid. This helps to significantly reduce fraud, which has led many countries, especially in Latin America, to make e-invoicing mandatory in virtually 100% of commercial transactions.

EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform implements issuing solutions adapted to particular features and technical and legal specifications of each country. To do so, it develops complex data mapping systems to adapt your ERP’s data structure to the different formats in force in each region. These adaptations include the signature processes and registration of the fiscal control codes in force in each country where your company operates.

Integrity & Authenticity


Fiscal Control

Integrity is the quality which verifies that an invoice has not been modified over time.

Authenticity can prove authorship of the document and that it has not been replaced.

The use of e-invoicing is mandatory in several countries, calling for the use of electronic control codes issued by the pertinent tax administration.

An invoice that does not include these codes has no validity for the client.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

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Key Benefits

  • Enhanced efficiency of administrative processes
  • Cutting costs
  • No human error
  • Shorter delivery and bill collection times
  • Enhanced security in business transactions
  • Automatic invoice reception and integration processes
  • Takes paper out of the daily admin management loop
  • Handy, secure and legal invoice storage



The Spanish Tax agency extends the validations performed on the VAT books declared via SII

As of October 1, 2019, the AEAT will implement the validation requirements for VAT books declared through the SII (Immediate Supply of Information).