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Global e-Invoicing

Benefits of e-Invoicing

Increased efficiency in administrative processes

Creation, sending, reception and mechanization in the management system are carried out immediately and automatically. Shipping and delivery terms are thus reduced, processing errors are avoided and checking and recovery of the invoice archive is simplified.

Cost reduction

The cost of issuing, sending and filing invoices is drastically curtailed both for sender and recipient. Studies carried out in different scopes have shown that this saving can reach up to 90% compared to traditional billing processes.

Shorter delivery and invoice collection times

The efficiency of sending and reception processes, the immediacy and practical elimination of errors in invoice generation and accounting all help reduce the time taken in collection.

Enhanced security

The possibility of managing billing through communication services such as VANs (Value Added Networks) ensures correct sending and receipt. At the same time, electronic signature processes allow sender and receiver to ensure the integrity, source and authenticity of said invoices.

Automatic invoice reception and integration processes

Receiving invoices in electronic format lets you automate validation and comparison processes based on the data contained in the document. The documents’ electronic origin allows automatic integration and registration in the system, leaving them ready for payment processing with practically no human intervention.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

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EDICOM will participate at FORUM 2019 organized by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

This event, that will take place in Brussels on March 12, will focus on the challenges of standardization posed by electronic invoicing and data synchronization