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Long-Term Electronic Archiving

Legislation in electronic archiving: eIDAS regulation

In a digital Europe, citizens, businesses and the public sector need a regulatory framework that provides security and legal certainty in the e-activities taking place daily in both public and private environments. These security mechanisms are covered in Regulation Nº 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for e-transactions in the domestic market. The standard, known as eIDAS, is in force as of July 1, 2016.

This way, secure interaction in any digital environment is possible, removing regional legal barriers and facilitating e-management of transactions which previously required physical presence.

Regulation eIDAS: Key aspects

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Establishing a legal framework for e-signature, e-seal, electronic time stamp, e-delivery services and website authentication

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Regulating the figure of the qualified trust services provider: From the security requirements needed to fulfil this function to the auditing processes necessary for businesses to be able to provide e-trust services throughout Europe.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Determining the conditions whereby EU countries must accept the electronic means of identification for persons and businesses belonging to other member states, thereby assuring interoperability.

eIDAS regulation in long-term e-archiving

The application of the eIDAS regulation and trust services equates e-documents to their traditional counterparts on paper. This means that companies no longer need to print out and handle large volumes of documents physically, such as contracts, salaries, invoices or orders.

To preserve the legal conditions of documents and files treated under the auspices of qualified trust services, it is necessary to have digital archiving that applies the same security policies as laid down in the eIDAS regulation.

In this sense, an e-archiving system covered by the eIDAS Regulation must have the capacity to keep e-signatures, stamps and certificates linked to the data or documents archived recurrently over time.

For years now, several fiscal and tax control initiatives for businesses and administrations have been rolled out by the central governments of European states. e-Invoicing and e-VAT are two prime examples. Businesses increasingly need to have e-archiving systems that grant these tax documents legal and legal validity before third parties.

Find out how the eIDAS regulation benefits the free exchange of data between companies in Europe and legal archiving over time.

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What is electronic long-term archiving?

The eIDAS regulation represents an advance in the methods of electronic identification and definitive momentum towards the digitalization of companies and administrations.