EDICOM Long Term Archiving                                                        Integral, secure and long-term data retention for all types of e-documents.

Long-Term Electronic Archiving

Key points of the trusted electronic archiving service

EDICOMLta deploys a platform certified for the safekeeping of e-documents for the period of time required by companies or set by the legislation in each case. The solution guarantees permanent access and retrieval of 100% of documents uploaded to the platform, as well as managing proofs evidencing the integrity of archived documents, granting them validity as legitimate proofs.


EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Document accessibility: Files are archived in the platform based on metadata that enable us to identify and setup hierarchies among them, facilitating subsequent querying or retrieval of documents.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Access to legal evidence: The system lets users retrieve the archive documents easily. Likewise, users can access and download the file with the e-audit certifying the integrity and authenticity of the data through time, to demonstrate their legal validity to third parties.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving   Documents hierarchy: EDICOMLta lets you archive the full cycle followed by each e-document. For example, in a commercial relationship, the e-invoice is kept linked to the order and despatch advice or shipping note. All these documents will be accessible through any of their links.
EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Legal Compliance: The electronic files are archived under the technical conditions governed by Regulation Nº 910/2014, known as eIDAS, the most demanding legislation in the European scope in terms of e-archiving.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving   Document audit: The e-signatures and seals on the files are submitted to periodical checks to maintain the attributes of integrity and authenticity provided. This audit also monitors the interactions of each user on the archived documents.
EDICOM Long Term Archiving   Integration with applications: EDICOMLta can be integrated with in-house corporate management systems or with Edicom’s EDI and e-invoicing solutions, automating the archiving and safekeeping of these e-documents. The entire process takes place in compliance with the qualified long-term archiving service directives.
EDICOM Long Term Archiving   Data reversibility: The recovery of all batches of data is a need faced by companies. To this end, EDICOM guarantees the recovery and transfer of all archived documents and their evidentiary proofs, such as signatures, time stamps, record of the archive life cycle, vents record…etc.
EDICOM Long Term Archiving   Technology infrastructure : The files archived in a high availability model based on the redundancy of any component or service. In practice, this translates as the availability of 2 data centres located in different physical facilities running synchronously by means of permanent resources replication. The system ensures high service availability and great energy independence.

EDICOM Qualified Trust Service Provider

EDICOM Long Term Archiving

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White Paper Reglamento eIDAS



What is electronic long-term archiving?

The eIDAS regulation represents an advance in the methods of electronic identification and definitive momentum towards the digitalization of companies and administrations.