EDICOM Long Term Archiving                                                        Integral, secure and long-term data retention for all types of e-documents.

Long-Term Electronic Archiving

Find out how EDICOM Long-Term Archiving works

Users can archive, consult, classify, download, secure and preserve all documents archived throughout the legally set period. EDICOMLta streamlines document archiving, management and search processes through simple web functionalities or enables their automation through data integration between different applications.






Service access: EDICOMLta provides users with a customized web environment designed by usability criteria, with high-level security access by username and password.




Document capture: There are three ways to archive documents in the platform:

  • Drag & Drop: Lets the user drag and drop the document from their desktop to the application.
  • Transfer: Semi-automatic process for massive uploading of files from the service web application.
  • Automated: A connector installed in the client's system will automatically export the documents to be archived in the EDICOMLta service.



Certified Custody: The e-signature and timestamping mechanisms applied to the files and documents guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the data protected in the platform.



    Metadata generation: The platform enables web templates for the creation of standardized metadata structures. The metadata XML file can also be generated automatically for processes in which direct data integration between applications is prioritized.


    Document management: The platform incorporates different tools to create the documents hierarchy and speed up searches, optimizing work times.
Electronic archiving, modification of documents, creation of folders, search filters, "favourites" bookmark, document list, download and share options...


    Gathering evidence: Permanent tracking of proofs and evidence of actions performed during archiving and the life-cycle of documents.
Proof of creation, evidence of origin, modification, deletion, download…