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Long-Term Electronic Archiving

Learn some practical applications about long term archiving

Managing documents in traditional payment format takes up a multitude of resources in businesses, both economic and human. For the digital leap in companies to take place with full guarantees and legal validity, it is essential to use qualified trust services and archive the documents securely for the time required by the legislation. Likewise, they also must take into account corporate internal security and safekeeping policies, as well as business activity related sectorial standards, for example environmental policies seeking to encourage paperless management.

Below, we present some practical cases on how qualified e-archiving can optimize company management.

  Archiving e-tax documents


Compulsory electronic VAT tax return systems are making headway in countries throughout Europe. This situation creates a context in which thousands of affected companies need to archive the e-documents they issue and the response acknowledgments exchanged with the tax authorities. And this safekeeping of transactions must be carried out securely and by certification, so that they can be considered as legal evidence in the event of any incident or third party claim.



EDICOMLta integrates with the corporate EDI or internal management systems of companies, keeping a detailed archive of the e-documents issued to the tax administration. EDICOMLta’s specific features grant each VAT document archived in the solution the rank of binding electronic original.


  Document archiving in the Human Resources department


Human Resources management in a company involves managing large volumes of employee-related documents (payroll, contracts, reports for tax purposes, tax returns, sick leave, special permits, travel expenses …etc.). Human resources managers are faced with multiple challenges in document management: administering high volumes of documents, the wide variety of formats and types, classification, preservation, retrieval, etc.



With EDICOMLta, Human Resources departments unify all the documents generated by an employee in their relationship with the company, in a single centralized electronic archive.

Our archive service is certified under the aegis of the eIDAS regulation, which means that 100% of the documents archived are accredited by a trusted third party such as EDICOM with the status of electronic originals that can be used as required by authorities and third parties to resolve any litigation.


  Archiving of e-invoices with the Public Administration



The European Commission, continuing the initiative to promote the use of e-invoicing throughout the European Union, approved Directive 2014/55 EU. This legislation, which comes into force as of November 2018, requires the public sector and its suppliers to use a specific e-billing standard in public procurement transactions. So, the need to manage and securely archive large batches of e-invoices is bound to be a priority in the years to come.




With EDICOMLta, suppliers to the administration can archive and retrieve their invoices through time. Moreover, the files are archived in linked format. This means that all the documents belonging to the same contractual relationship between the company and the relevant Administration are linked, which makes subsequent queries or checks easier.

The application of qualified trust services and the recording of each interaction with e-invoices act as legal evidence in the event of any procedure, which enhances corporate legal certainty.



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What is electronic long-term archiving?

The eIDAS regulation represents an advance in the methods of electronic identification and definitive momentum towards the digitalization of companies and administrations.