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Certification Authority

Time Stamping

With Timestamping it is possible to demonstrate that a data series is present and has not been altered as of a specific point in time.

A Timestamping Authority such as Edicom acts as a trusted third party testifying the existence of these electronic data at a specific date and time.

There are many uses for digital timestamping, such as certified invoice scanning, safekeeping of all types of e-documents and any process that needs to "certify" that certain electronic data were present at a given time in the form they were presented to the Timestamping Authority.

Time Stamping Authority

Timestamp application process for a given document:

 1. The client application must obtain the “summary”, “fingerprint” or hash of the document and make a time stamping request in accordance with the RFC3161 protocol. If the client does not have a framework in the EDICOM B2B Platform, they can send their request via Web Services.

2. The timestamp is applied (with the document hash) when the message is received. To this end, the service has a time source in synch with the Universal Time Scale (UTC).

3. The EDICOM signature as Certification Authority is added, as well as the certificate.

4. The signed timestamp is returned to the client. At this point, EDICOM offers document safekeeping service for the storage of originals in high availability platforms.