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EDICOM is one of the largest international benchmarks in development of platforms for data transmission between companies by EDI technology (Electronic Data Interchange) or e-Invoicing.

Our permanent headquarters in Europe and America enable us to address major international corporate projects. But that’s not all. We cross borders to provide advanced systems integration and data transmission solutions for over 15,000 clients in 70 countries around the world. And although figures are not everything, we’re glad to know that our solutions enable the exchange of more than 400 million transactions a year through a powerful technology infrastructure in ASP-SaaS mode, with high availability guaranteed and constant monitoring 24x7.

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International benchmark in B2B technology

Two critical factors in the B2B technology sector determine the choice of a solvent technology partner with the capacity to roll out projects of international scope: Technological infrastructure and knowledge management.

Our proven technological capacity, coupled with experience in managing large international projects, allows us to provide businesses with EDI and e-invoicing solutions with global scalability. This way, businesses can centralize the flow of their commercial, logistic or tax transactions under the aegis of a single global solution that grows in line with the company’s own development.

This is EDICOM‘s response to new global management models, currently gaining great prominence through so-called “Shared Services Centers”. Several multinational corporations are adopting these services to tackle the challenge of unifying critical knowledge-related aspects into a single ICT service and adaptation of their systems to the legislation in force in different territories. This issue is especially complex in areas such as EDI and e-invoicing.

In this difficult environment, it is essential to have a specialist partner to help outsource this management, integrating all the functionality required by business communication projects in the international scope. And always through outsourcing models that allow the shared services center to run smoothly, with no need to change the company’s ICT infrastructure or working procedures.