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Integral map management

EDICOM has over 120 specialized technicians with extensive knowledge in the development of data processing systems to accommodate all your electronic transactions to any standard required by their business partners, and integrate seamlessly with their internal Management.

Edicom engineers are responsible for generating, maintaining and managing its data structures and maps. They are functionally organized to serve all of our customers from the areas of Project Management and from the International Support Center.

Their high level of knowledge and expertise, their total coordination with the rest of the business area, and total customer focus, all result in an unprecedented ability to develop and manage any type of mapping, from the most simple and elementary, to sophisticated documents in any standard formats or "owners" with advanced electronic signature and data encryption.

The EDICOM Map Management service lets you handle a large variety of data formats for the communications protocols and particular features of B2B e-business systems.


Multi Mapping - standard: Potential to perform standard and mapped to any source or destination of communications (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, XML, UBL, etc.). Origin from a single interface makes sure that few adaptations are needed to generate the required standard for each recipient. The same process takes place in the process of receiving data, structured multiple standards fit a single interface for data integration
Industry standards: Full adaptation to the standards employed in certain industries such as RosettaNet, VDA, ODETTE, ebXML, etc. Sharing financial information through XBRL taxonomies and any specific standard for sending or receiving of statements, trial balances, requests or confirmations of bank transactions, etc.
Exchanging financial information: Through XBRL taxonomies and any other specific standard for sending and receiving account statements, trial balances, bank transaction requests and confirmations, etc.
Fully integrated with the internal management system: Edicom technology is ready to integrate transactions with the market leading ERPs (SAP, DYNAMICS, ORACLE, JD Edwards, etc.). If your management system is developed in-house, our technical experts in multi-mapping, perform the necessary adaptations to integrate your business documents with your "back office."
Advanced Data Management: Ability to implement conditions for structuring from a single source, display or omit certain information through the use of logical constraints.

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Mapping Management includes:

  • Data integration models with client’s ERP: SAP Idoc, plain text, XML, etc.
  • Maps for the integration of multi-standard structures.
  • Testing sending, receiving and data structures integration
  • Continued Maintenance adaptation maps for your needs and to adjust to new ones