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IPM – Integral Partner Management

EDICOM’s Outsourcing and Onboarding services permits outsource the management of the customer solution, and the steps required to achieve rapid integration to it for the greatest possible number of partners.

When the number of companies within the client's partner community reaches a certain point, it is often necessary to allocate human resources to meet business partners and perform certain tasks over time, allowing optimum performance of the customer’s ecommerce systems. These tasks tend to be performed by so-called "EDI Administrators Groups" formed by teams of technicians familiar with the policies and specific B2B communications systems of the promoter.

Through the Advanced Service Management IPM (Integrated Partner Management), Edicom assumes all the activities of a "Group EDI Manager," allowing the outsourcing of the tasks involved in the ongoing management of community partners.


Some tasks involved in IPM

  • Reception formats and standards: Publishing or notifying partners of document format specifications and other details of messages to be received.
  • EDI user guides: Upkeep and spreading of EDI Guidance among the partner community.
  • Managing communications: Specific attention providing information on the particular features to be applied in communications protocols (networks, point-to-point communications, web services…).
  • Sending and reception trials: Carrying out validation tests on sending and receiving messages and monitoring the outcome. Notifying partners of the success of the tests and the measures to be taken to solve the problems.
  • Errors and incidents: Permanent help for partners to deal with errors and incidents in transaction exchanges (badly configured messages, communication faults, mandatory fields missing, etc).
  • General information for the partner community: Personalized attention with information on issues such as order shipping status, new delivery locations opening up, updates for given messages, etc.
  • Integrating new messages: Taking the steps indicated to provide information on new documents and performing the tests needed with the partners involved.
  • … etc …

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Integral Partner Management

Fully outsource your EDI platform, delegating Edicom the Permanent Management of your Partner Community.

"Integral Partner Management" includes...

  • Dedicated helpline: An exclusive phone line is provided for individual attention to your community of business partners.
  • Ongoing support for your partners: Permanent attention service for your partner base to resolve any incidents or queries related with connectivity to your B2B communications platform
  • New partner connections: Permanent management of the tasks needed to integrate new business partners.
  • Technical backup for your partner community: Opening interconnections with outside networks, delivering technical documentation, testing connections...