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EDICOM Network

Communications via AS2


EDICOM AS2 SERVER is a solution that allows for a secure exchange of business documents over the Internet. The HTTPS protocol is used for transmission and it can be done in different formats like XML / Binary, EDI or any other data that is encoded in MIME.

All communication that is done with this technology is seamless and traded securely because of our powerful data encryption techniques and the use of digital certificates. The whole process has important control features that manage message delivery acknowledgments that are activated when the source server sends a confirmation of reception message.

Edicom AS2 Server access through EDICOMNet VAN

Our partners that use EDICOMNet as a VAN mailbox will have access to the AS2 server infrastructure, installed in Edicom’s Data Processing Center.

Access to this AS2 Server is done directly by connecting to the EDICOMNet services. It relieves the user of maintenance issues and configuration management that are required tasks.

Edicom AS2 Server

  • It provides an instant data transfer from the source to the destination, which reduces failure during transmission.
  • Provides greater reliability and speed, increasing efficiency in the supply chain.
  • It is designed to send and receive data securely over the Internet. Encryption techniques are used to ensure that only the recipient can read the information inside the message.
  • An electronic signature process is implemented to allow secure authentication of the origin.
  • Detects if the document has been altered during transmission.
  • Generates acknowledgments for signed receipts, which guarantee that the message was received.