Vendor Management Inventory
Optimize stocks rolling out VMI

Provisioning Management

EDI | Electronic Data Interchange

Rolling out a VMI system requires permanent exchange of information agreed between customer and vendor. The information must be managed in electronic format and the system used is EDI or Electronic Data Interchange.

Using EDI lets you exchange messages in a standardized format understandable to customer and supplier in a totally stand-alone mode, as the structured messages are integrated automatically with the ERP, enabling automatic generation of outbound messages and instant recording of those received.

EDI exchanges in a VMI model

  • The customer or distributor periodically (daily, weekly...) sends their sales statistics to the supplier. This information is sent using common standards such as EDIFACT, X12, XML...
  • Additionally, you can send your stock of goods to different points of sale or delivery, also using standard EDI messages.
  • The supplier’s EDI solution receives the stocks and/or sales documents and transforms them from the EDI standard into a data model for analysis, leaving them ready for processing by the forecast demand applications.


  • No more stockouts
  • Fewer inventories in customer and supplier warehouses
  • Optimum planning and use of resources in product production and delivery
  • Shorter provisioning times
  • Cutting operational and financial costs
  • Increased sales