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VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

No more stockouts: VMI models let you provide an efficient response to the consumer, maintaining permanent stock adjusted to consumer patterns at each point of sale. This is an advantage in terms of finished product in the customer and supplier warehouses, but also the raw materials used in manufacturing, which are similarly economized.

Fewer product inventories and raw materials: Demand-linked product stocks, leading to fewer inventories of goods and raw materials, which translates as working and management improvements, especially evident in the case of perishable goods.

Optimizing resources and capacity: Less dedicated space in warehouses, availability of advance sales forecasts and the presence of advance supply orders or transport optimization.

Cost reductions: All the improvements cited result in a significant reduction in direct costs.

Increased sales: The disappearance of stockouts translates as regular and stable consumer patterns, which improves the service provided to the customer and boosts the number of products units sold at the retail point.

Improving financial ratios: For reduced inventory maintenance, increased sales, optimizing operations or demand forecasts over time. All of this translates as increased benefits, or more accurate financial forecasts through time leading to better financial management for both customer and supplier.

VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

VMI Flow

VMI Flow is a Supply Chain optimization solution, that allows to implement ECR systems (Efficient Consumer Response)