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Companies that implement projects to exchange EDI business documents often have a great diversity of recipients with different technological capabilities. Many of them will have no easy means to send or receive electronic documents, forcing you to continue to rely upon traditional methods (mail, fax, etc.).

For these cases, EDICOM provides you with Business@Mail: A service through which it is possible to optimise your EDI solution, extending them to 100% of your clients, irrespective of the technological resources at their disposal. This service is based on providing a secure portal for the receiver, where the documents (orders, invoices, etc) addressed to them are published, with all the requiremens and guarantees set out in the scope of the legality currently in force.

EDI Documents Publication


  • This service allows you to extend the project to exchange EDI documents with all trading partners and is also valid for sending internal documents such as payroll.
  • This way, directly from your ERP, documents such as orders and invoices are fully published.
  • The processes of generating and sending business documents can thus be automated for 100% of your partners. The receiver of the message is informed by email that they have documents pending. To access them all they need is an internet connection to reach the web portal, from which they can view and download your orders, invoices, etc..
  • At any time the sender receives alerts and warnings to inform you of the documents that have been read, downloaded, pending consultation, etc.., which greatly streamlines processes critical to business efficiency, such as accounts receivable etc.

Business Mail is the application developed by Edicom to publish EDI electronic documents in a secure web portal which the receivers can access quickly, securely and free of charge.

The issuer can send their XML/EDI transactions for publication to Business Mail when the receiver lacks the technology needed for reception.



Business Mail Orders


  • Eliminate the use of paper in your business transactions
  • Improved information processing
  • Reduced administrative and operational costs
  • Reduced response times
  • Increased profitability



EDI as a tool for change for the shipping and port industries

The use of standards like EDIFACT, X12, SML, etc., lets all the parties involved exchange transactions through secure message transmission designed for automatic integration in management systems.