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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Document Storage

Often the messages exchanged are sensitive documents that must be treated and maintained in perfect condition because they constitute the basis of ongoing business relationships.

Invoices, contracts, specifications, purchase orders, etc are all documents that can be preserved for long periods of time for consultation, presentation of requirements to others, or simply by legal imperatives that require filing and custody for a set period.

The services associated with our EDI solutions guarantee the complete preservation and retention of your electronic documents sent and / or received during the period determined by you in optimal storage conditions and with full guarantees.

You should indicate only documents required to be kept and for what duration, and we establish all the mechanisms necessary for these to be stored in our CPD (Data Processing Center), with full technical and legal guarantees, and total availability for query and retrieval through the dashboard of your EDI solution. 

ISO 27001 de Seguridad de la Información


Electronic documents stored in the Edicom Data Center are fully guaranteed and comply with the different legislative regimes on the protection of personal data.
EDICOM has an information security system in line with UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2007 standards, and control mechanisms audited by outside consultants according to SAS70 Type II.



Electronic Invoice Storage

EDICOM also provides specific invoice safekeeping services in line with the requirements of different countries where our solutions are implanted
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