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Electronic Data Interchange

Integrated EDI

For situations in which large volumes of transactions are processed, EDICOM’s EDI platform has the capacity to process large batches of business transactions in real time.

Our solutions for large volumes are designed to withstand heavy message traffic, enable security monitoring, and provide ongoing platform maintenance.

These solutions are fully automated, integrated with your ERP or internal computer system. Thus, the processing of messages sent and / or received is done automatically by preset configurations.

This results in the ability to automate the construction of these messages from the information residing in the ERP when they are outgoing, or convert the data to the proprietary language of the computer system to integrate into it when they are incoming.

Thus, the processing of large volumes of transactions between partners is done without human intervention, rapidly and efficiently without changing internal processes.

Ediwin XML/EDI Server is the software developed by EDICOM so that you can manage advanced EDI solutions which can process average to high business communication volumes. Available through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, it is a complete EDI solution provided in service mode which runs the processes of creating, sending, receiving and integrating your business documents automatically, with no need to install and maintain complex hardware and software resources.


  • Eliminate the use of paper in your business transactions
  • Improved information processing
  • Reduced administrative and operational costs
  • Reduced response times
  • Increased profitability