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Electronic Data Interchange


EDI’s advantages are optimized exponentially as companies move towards doing all their business transactions through electronic media.

The aim of exchanging XML/EDI EDI documents with the largest number of trading partners possible often runs into obstacles with those partners who are not ready because they lack technological solutions with these features. This situation means that organizations that do have these solutions have a certain number of partners with whom they continue to engage in "traditional" management by means such as fax, post or mail.

To integrate these suppliers without an EDI solution into your e-commerce platform, it is possible to develop easy access web solutions for your partners to connect and carry out their basic transactions with you (orders, invoices, etc). These portals work in practice as an EDI solution in such a way that the documents recorded in them are automatically integrated into the ERP.


Partner Web Portal Rollout

  • Identification of documents to receive
  • Configuring data input screens
  • Partner Web Portal user training
  • Recording documents through the Partner Web Portal
  • Integrating documents in your ERP

Possible applications

  • Sending and Receiving electronically certified and stamped digital invoices
  • Communications portal for managing internal processes affected by legal aspects such as reception, recording and digital signature of salaries or contracts
  • Electronic business portal between companies for the interchange of all types of commercial transactions (orders, price lists, bills of lading, etc.)


  • Eliminate the use of paper in your business transactions
  • Improved information processing
  • Reduced administrative and operational costs
  • Reduced response times
  • Increased profitability