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Edicom develops software tailored to the needs of our users to ensure the rollout of EDI projects with the highest ROI to the client.

Our applications are available in ASP - SaaS (Application Service Provider - Software as a Service) through EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, which allows access to them via a simple Internet connection. Our software is available uninterruptedly thanks to the high availability technological architecture of our B2B platform. Support is available 24x7 to monitor the whole infrastructure.

Our applications are tailored to your project regardless of your EDI needs, thanks to the multiple setup and parameterization options which guarantee that your communications solution runs efficiently and is totally transparent to our tool users.

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Ediwin XML/EDI Server

ASP – SaaS solution integrated with the ERP


Ediwin Viewer

Manual solution for sending and receiving EDI transactions through web forms or data entry screens. More information.



Online Publishing EDI Documents


Edicom Business Integrator Mapping Tool

Multiformat data structure translator


Edicom Business Integrator

EAI tool - Enterprise Applications Integration