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Edicom Business Integrator – EAI tool - Enterprise Applications Integration

Intelligent routing: EBI recognizes the origin of a message or data structure, and the type of content or structure, allowing automatic routing towards the target application.

Processing rules: EBI enables you to set rules that control the processing and distribution of information. So you can control and decide the way forward for a message until it reaches the origin or destination.

Message storage: EBI operates as a database that records all messages that flow through it. This storage capacity allows further analysis to verify the integrity of messages, and use them for purposes of auditing or metric analysis.

Full control over the processes of integration: EBI is equipped with powerful administration and management tools that enable monitoring of document statistics, the flow of messages, and overall system performance. Operated by specialized EDICOM technicians, it is a guarantee to users of our solutions through B2B EDICOM Cloud Platform, as it ensures full control over the integration of business documents exchanged between trading partners.

Edicom Business Integrator – EAI tool - Enterprise Applications Integration

Edicom Business Integrator

Integrating applications in B2B frameworks running in service mode through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform and managed automatically by Edicom’s technical team.