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Edicom Mapping Tool – Multiformat data structure translator

Universal: You can use as a tool for mapping EbiMap between different data models of a computer system, reaching a total automation of the processes of transformation thanks to its functioning as a universal data mapper.

Autonomous: EBI Mapping Tool operates as an application integrated into the EAI Business Edicom Intergrator, although it can be used independently as a standalone application integrated into the operation of the internal computer system.

Advanced modes of access and data generation: Utilizando tablas de equivalencias, filtrado de Datos, lookups a bases de datos vía ADO, generación de datos en cascada, fórmulas y objetos de automatización tipo scripts, etc.

EDICOM Integrated solutions: Because of its speed and versatility, EbiMap is fully integrated with the EDI or Electronic Invoicing user, immediately available to manage the processes of integration with any ERP or Internal Management System.

Transparent to the user of B2B EDICOM Cloud Platform: A team of qualified Edicom technicians analyze in detail the integration needs of your technology solution, develop and enable the necessary mapped controls and automations required for immediate start and seamless solution of B2B ecommerce.

Edicom Mapping Tool – Multiformat data structure translator

Edicom Mapping Tool

Software for processing multi-data schemas. Allows the mapping of messages in any standard format as well as the owner of ERP source and / or destination