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Edicom Mapping Tool – Multiformat data structure translator

Independent: Responsible for adapting the proprietary data structures of the ERP to the standard required and vice versa..

Mapping: Predefined schemas or maps incorporate predefined message generation XML / EDI on common standards (EDIFACT, X12, XML). Also incorporates predefined schemes for integration with most market ERP (SAP, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS, SAGE, etc.)…

Control systems and validation: Validation tools for content and structure of documents sent or received, allowing the detection of errors and inconsistencies in the information.

Multi-Standard: Ready for the management of multiple data structures, and many versions of the same message, with an operational tool to implement corporate e-business models with all types of partners internationally, and across sectors

Multiple Mapping: Allows you to generate various data files from the same interface or source structure, allowing multiple structures to generate the target from a single source.

Management of proprietary formats: Set own file formats, or utilize one or more proprietary structures by using plain text, separators, XML, ODBC connections, ADO, etc.

Edicom Mapping Tool – Multiformat data structure translator

Edicom Mapping Tool

Software for processing multi-data schemas. Allows the mapping of messages in any standard format as well as the owner of ERP source and / or destination