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Onboarding Projects

Data integration and communication projects often focus their attention on technological components like document formats, communications protocols, etc., leaving the management needed for quick integration or connection with partners in second place.

It is precisely this type of management task (integrating partners) that takes up most time and effort, and ultimately decides the success of any B2B e-commerce project.

Exchanging new electronic transactions with the largest number of partners possible will maximize the benefits of technologies such as EDI or e-Billing in terms of costs and improvements to your operations.

Our Partner Onboarding Service rolls out management projects to integrate your business partners. This means taking on an active role towards them and carrying out a set of actions to connect them to your communications platform quickly, increasing the number of electronic documents exchanged.

Edicom Onboarding Projects

To keep up with the progress of actions taken with your partners and assess the degree of success of the project in terms of partners integrated, we provide collaborative tools you can access online for real-time monitoring of the management activities our team carries out.

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Onboarding project phases

Schedule: Project organization, partner segmentation, defining phases and actions.

Technological Status: Gathering information on the technological status of partners.

Partners with a solution: Carrying out connection trials with their platform and partner support during the test phase.

Partners with no solution: Information on the project, delivering documentation and connection possibilities to the platform.

Reporting: Reporting each partner's progress through the collaborative "Onboarding Web Tool" solution.