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Electronic Data Interchange

EDICOM EDI Web Solution


EDI Web solutions set up an online environment that allows message issuers to enter the content of their documents manually, using simple individualized forms for each transaction.

Managing communications and issuing EDI documents is done through data editing screens accessible via the website using a simple browser.

These are quick start-up, low-cost solutions that allow users to initiate a full EDI communications interchange with their network of business partners, with no need to implement any developments in their management systems.


As this is a manual model, it calls for direct intervention of a user to check the inbound messages and recorded information on the documents issued.

Although web-based solutions can provide complete environments to exchange any EDI document, the solutions are really designed for businesses with few messages to handle and a low volume of transactions to be exchanged by EDI.

  • The user connects to a web portal, signing in with their username and password. They immediately access an administration framework where they can monitor their EDI solution and generate new documents, check and administer messages received, set up new recipients, deal with incidents, etc.
  • Issuing new EDI messages is done through specific data entry panels adapted to the recipient’s requirements. In fact, EDICOM’s Web solution uses screens adapted to the EDI guides of the major national, continental and international retailers.
  • The EDICOM Web tool even lets you automate to a great extent the construction of some EDI documents such as invoices, taking as reference the details of the purchase order received through the solution.


Key Benefits

  • No paper involved
  • Enhanced information processing
  • Cutting down processing and storage costs
  • Fewer errors
  • Automation of operations
  • Quicker response times
  • Integration of procedures between all trading partners