EDICOM Long Term Archiving                                                        Integral, secure and long-term data retention for all types of e-documents.

Long-Term Electronic Archiving

Long-term e-document archiving service

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

The service applies the identification methods, digital signature and electronic time stamp regulated in the eIDAS regulation to all documents and data archived, to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the files protected over time. Invoices, VAT books, contracts, payrolls, sales reports, orders, videos, images, audio clips … regardless of the file type or format, all are archived under the figure of "Trusted Third Party" certified by the European institutions.

Long-Term “Certified” e-Archiving

Service developed in compliance with the technological security requirements laid down in EU Regulation 910/2014, on electronic identification and trust services for e-document archiving.

EDICOM acts as qualified trust services provider, furnishing the documents with legal and judicial validity, granting them the status of burden of proof before third parties in the frame of the European Union.

EDICOM’s active role as trusted third-party involves performing permanent audits on our e-archiving system in compliance with the most demanding international safety standards. For example, ISO 14641, which ensures the reliable operation of an information system for the archiving of digital information, or ISO 27001, which certifies secure processing of information in a system with data flow. In addition, our e-archiving system is also locally certified in those regions where there is specific legislation on electronic preservation, such as Conservazione Elettronica in Italy, or NOM151 in Mexico.

ISAE 3402 ISO 27001 ISO 14641

In functional terms, it is a versatile tool with four features that allow management and legal archiving of e-documents through a secure web environment with access availability 100% guaranteed.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Archiving: Mechanisms designed to identify, classify, preserve, display and allow access to e-documents for information, commercial or tax purposes, among others.

Metadata, labels/tags, evidence/proofs, document audit...

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Security:Advanced e-signature and electronic time stamping systems ensuring the authenticity and integrity of documents from the moment they are archived.

Strong Authentication, ISO 27001, Time Stamping + proofs, evidence, transaction auditing, XAdES advanced digital signatures … etc.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Long-Term:Permanent “reassurance” of documents at set times to manage e-certificates from the archives for technological or security issues.

Electronic signatures and time stamps on documents are subject to periodic control processes to assure and preserve the information over time.

EDICOM Long Term Archiving  

Accessibility:System availability guaranteed under contract through our SLA (Service Legal Agreement). All archived documents are accessible through your own information system or by accessing a secure and personalized web environment.

Connectivity with the service through your own EDICOM connector, or our Restful (API) service.

EDICOM Qualified Trust Service Provider

EDICOM Long Term Archiving

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EDICOM Long Term Electronic Archiving

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What is electronic long-term archiving?

The eIDAS regulation represents an advance in the methods of electronic identification and definitive momentum towards the digitalization of companies and administrations.