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EDI specialists for the sector

The growing drive towards outsourcing services associated with transport, storage and processing of goods has encouraged the adoption of electronic information exchange models based on EDI standards (Electronic Data Interchange) and communication protocols adapted to the particular features of business document interchange between businesses (Value Added Network, AS2, Web Services, etc.).

Integration of EDI in logistic operators calls for an additional effort for these businesses, which also have to integrate their processes with those of their own clients as well as the final receivers of the goods and customs authorities, etc.

In such a complex setting, it is crucial to have efficient systems to automate the processes of communicating and declaring goods movements.

To integrate a permanent communication flow between supplier, logistic operator and customer.

  •  Setting up a shared message system detailing the movement of goods between the different warehouses.
  • Developing ongoing traceability for documents sent and received by the agents taking part in the movement of goods: Supplier, Customer and Logistic Operator.
  • Sharing information between Supplier and Logistic Operator to monitor the list of stocks available in each warehouse in real-time.

To unify all my electronic communications in a single tool: In standardized format or the client's own.

  • Through B2B communications solutions enabling processing of multi-standard structures to work with any message type (EDIFACT X12, VDA, UBL…).
  • Through systems allowing management of proprietary data structures for 1 to 1 interchange with major customers.
  • With multiformat translation solutions that can be integrated with the ERP.


To cut the overheads and running costs needed to maintain my IT infrastructure. 

  • Outsourcing the hardware and software technology needed for B2B communications to a provider.
  • Delegating management and maintenance of my communications platform to totally dedicated third parties with permanent 24x7 monitoring.


To guarantee sending and reception of any e-message to a single connection point.

  • With an infrastructure that ensures my communications with any party regardless of the protocol used (Web Services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.)
  • Through a Value Added Network directly linked to the main sector partners and interoperability agreements with the main VANs worldwide.


Automate communications with all your business partners and customers